2011 - a Year in Review!

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Download the Opera: a fast, efficient, feature-packed, secure, personalizable web browser. Happy New Year, everyone! I can't believe how fast the year of 2011 flew by. It was a superb year, and I want to list some of the highlights related to my website, photography, and web development.


I spent a few months straddling the 2011 New Year programming my first website . I began learning web development in early 2010 at W3Schools, and Cyberstream grew as a hands-on application of my web development skills. It tremendously helped me grow my understanding of web development and design. By the time this website was launched, I had learned how to apply HTML (and HTML5), CSS (and some CSS3), Java-Script (and jQuery and AJAX), PHP, SQL, and other various web technologies. I launched the website in February. The number of visitors has grown almost every month, and this month, December 2011, has been the highest yet. Cyberstream has seen over 1,600 unique visitors. Here are some other statistics for Cyberstream: Yes, I really got that many spam comments. Fortunately, my spam blocker kept most of those from showing online. A few months ago, I wrote about how my spam-catcher works. About a month ago, I added a math question to the comment form (see it at the bottom of this page) and I have only gotten ONE spam comment since then! I guess a lot of the spam postings I was getting before were automated.

Browser Statistics

This website has a unique browser distribution. For a couple weeks after a major Firefox release, I saw Firefox actually pass out Internet Explorer's share. But that didn't last very long. Internet Explorer caught up and passed out Firefox again. Ironically, when I look at the share each version of IE holds, the older version has the highest share and the newest version is the lowest. In fact, the share of each of IE's versions is ordered like this: IE6 (highest), IE7, IE8, then IE9 at the bottom. Here's the current year-average browser share for Cyberstream:
  1. 37.60% - Internet Explorer (all)
  2. 28.79% - Mozilla Firefox
  3. 17.13% - Google Chrome
  4. 9.80% - Opera
  5. 6.73% - Apple Safari
Statistics from just the past month of December:
  1. 51.82% - Internet Explorer (all)
  2. 18.98% - Mozilla Firefox
  3. 13.17% - Opera
  4. 12.56% - Google Chrome
  5. 3.47% - Apple Safari


The visitors to this website have represented 132 different countries. The most popular country, by far, is the United States. It is followed (consecutively) by China, Russia, India, Ukraine, Germany, UK, Japan, and Canada.


I get the most visitors from these states (in order):
  1. California
  2. Alaska
  3. New York
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Washington
  6. Texas
  7. Ohio
  8. Florida
  9. Illinois
  10. New Jersey


These are the most represented cities are these:
  1. Mountain View (mostly search bot traffic)
  2. Fairbanks
  3. Seattle
  4. Columbus
  5. Anchorage
  6. Beijing
  7. Moscow

Most popular blog articles

These were my five most popular blog postings:
  1. Learning PHP Part 3: More Conditional Statements and Functions
  2. PHP and AJAX Color Picker Experiment
  3. Using CSS3 Linear Gradients
  4. Implementing an IP GeoLocation API with PHP and XML responses
  5. Why I'm an Opera Browser Fanatic


My photos section is less frequently visited than the blog, but here are the most popular photos anyway: Caribou eating tundra vegetationCaribou in Broad Pass Abundant Blueberry BushBlueberries near Fairbanks Caribou in the Alaskan WildernessMore Caribou in Broad Pass Tanana Flats and the Alaska Range in SpringAlaska Range and Tanana Flats Rocky Mountain on Kenai PeninsulaJagged Mountain on the Kenai Peninsula


This has been a great year for my hobby of photography, as well. In March, this photo was published on the front cover of a local magazine. I've also been actively involved in selling my photos on Dreamstime. Earlier this year, I was extremely excited to receive my first payment from Dreamstime. Even though I just got my first payment this year, my images have been selling so well this year that I already see another payment on the horizon. My portfolio on Dreamstime currently consists of 85 images. The total number of views that all of the images in my portfolio have received is over 15,000.

Web Development

I have grown much more knowledgeable and competent with regard to web development over this past year. I've developed numerous little (and not-so-little) web applications. Here are several examples of what I have accomplished.

Opera Addons

I have released two Opera extensions: PageScrubber, an online profanity management addon, and Your Dreamstime Stats, an extension that checks your Dreamstime account for sales, new uploads, or comments, and displays that information in your Speed Dial and notifies you when your stats change. The sum of the downloads of my addons is nearly 1000.

Website Remodel

I also took on my first paid venture, which was rebuilding and redesigning an old website. It is only a few days from completion. I'm going to keep my eyes open for more opportunities to put my skills to use in the future, build a portfolio, and possibly even look into what kind of career I could make out of this.


I have only covered a my a several small aspects of my life — my website and my hobbies of web development and photography. I've shared how well they have been doing. However, when I consider all other aspects of my life, my conclusion is still the same: it's been nothing short of a very blessed year. Of course, none of this has happened without work, sometimes hard work. But I thank God for giving me the ability to think, work, and live. I hope I use my talents to His glory, now and always.
To you and everyone else, I wish a very blessed New Year!

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